Elephant Bay Loop Mountain Biking Trail

Saltery Bay

Located in: Saltery Bay
Saltery Bay

Trail Length: 48 km

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Elephant Bay Loop Trail is located on the top portion of the Sunshine Coast starting in Saltery Bay. It is a 48 km (28.8 mi.) bike ride that will challenge your stamina and will power with some steep climbs. The route includes highway riding and logging roads. The trail does reward the biker with great views of Jervis Inlet and some speed descents.

All together the Elephant Bay Loop Trail ride takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete so start early as it will take most of the day to complete. The trail is well marked with biking symbols and red and yellow tree markers.

From the Saltery Bay BC Ferry Terminal peddle 300 or so yards to the Saltery Bay Forest Service Road and take a left and start climbing for 8 km (4.8 mi.). About 1 km (0.6 mi.) into your climb veer right at the junction and ride past Rainy Day Lake and some very rocky challenging switchbacks. Here the views of Jervis Inlet reveal themselves.

On the Elephant Bay Loop Trail follow the road until you encounter a downhill run. Very easy to accumulate allot of speed on this downhill portion. Keep the head up as there is a dangerous intersection at the bottom of the hill where you might encounter active logging trucks. Views open up along this section of the journey of Lois Lake.

Take a left onto Branch 41 at the bottom. This portion is 8 km (4.9 mi.) long and has many junction points so keep an eye out for the markers. The exciting part of the trail is at the end of this leg of the Elephant Loop Trail because it is a 10 km ( 6 mi.) descent to a gate. Take a left and then another left onto Hwy 101. Home free, from here back to the Saltery Bay BC Ferry Terminal.
Elephant Bay Loop Mountain Biking Trail, Saltery Bay, BC in the Sunshine Coast.


Elephant Bay Loop Mountain Biking Trail
PO Box 2933
Saltery Bay
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Located in: Saltery Bay
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