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The Okanagan Valley is well known for its world class wineries and wines. Many arrive in the valley for touring and visiting with the many wineries and vineyards located in the region. The wineries in the Okanagan Valley were the first to operate in British Columbia and today, are producing some of Canada's most celebrated wines winning many awards on the international stage. Book your winery today on Canada's largest booking, planning and interactive attraction and adventure website.

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Introduction to wines in the Okanagan Valley, Canada

The Okanagan Valley wineries and vineyards enjoy long days of sunshine creating a moderate climate for growing grapes. And when the warm air mixes with the cool intermittent air, it produces Okanagan wines higher in acids and, some say, more aromatic.  It is this weather system that enables wineries a long fermentation process which produces a lighter, fruitier wine.

Pictures of Okanagan Valley Vineyards

The spring wine season, usually starts around March, when the vineyards open their doors to wine tours and wine tasting. And during the Fall, grapes are harvested and in October the grapes are picked.

One of the most popular times to visit an Okanagan Valley winery is during “Harvest Weekend” in late October. On this weekend there is an opportunity to observe grapes being crushed.  

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