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Lumby, British Columbia, Canada

Lumby is an agricultural, recreation and artistic community, situated on the doorstep of the Monashee Mountains. The village rests in a fertile valley, surrounded by hills, lakes and forest, located east of the community of Vernon, BC.

The Village of Lumby is decorated with orchards and farm fields. Red barns, hay fields, irrigation sprinklers, cattle, horses, farming equipment and old retired farm buildings decorate the highway at both ends of Lumby.

Painted murals, retail shops and a small park dominate the small of Lumby. Services important to travelers in the village include a gas station, accommodations, grocery store and a few restaurants. Creativity is no stranger to Lumby, as the small village enjoys a high concentration of artists.

The village is a "Gateway to the Monashee". It is also a gateway to the many backcountry gravel roads behind the community leading deeper into the wilderness forests. The Monashee Provincial Park and the backcountry gravel roads create a playground for many recreational activities like fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing and birdwatching. In the winter the backcountry gravel roads become cross country ski and snowmobile routes. 
 Lumby, BC in the Okanagan Valley
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