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Lake Country (Winfield & Oyama)
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Lake Country, Okanagan Valley, BC is a recreation and agricultural destination rich with lakes, orchards and wineries. Winfield and Oyama, British Columbia, Canada are the two communities located in the region. Kalamalka Lake, Wood Lake and Okanagan Lake are the big three lakes neighbouring the communities.

Pictures of Lake Country, Okanagan, BC, CanadaIn the backcountry hills of Lake Country are a few wineries and many fruit orchards. Some are apple and pear. Others are peach and plum. All are enjoying the benefits of the fertile ground and the excellent growing conditions. Many decide to operate farmers markets in the summer selling fresh organic fruit and vegetables to the public.

Deeper into the wilderness backcountry, along the rougher gravel roads, are many small to medium size remote recreational lakes. These remote lakes, along with the big three lakes provide plenty of year round recreational opportunities in the region. Some of the more popular wilderness lakes in Lake Country include Beaver Lake, Doreen Lake and Island Lake.

Some of the summer activities enjoyed in Lake Country include fishing, camping, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, water skiing, kite surfing, houseboating, mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking, atving and birdwatching. In the winter the rough backcountry gravel roads and hiking trails become cross country ski and snowmobile routes.

The community of Winfield and Oyama, both, are small villages, with few services and accessed from Highway #97. Winfield, the larger of the two, has a larger selection of services lined up on the highway. Some of the services in the community include gas stations, accommodations, restaurants, a grocery store, laundromat, internet and banks. Winfield also has an industrial sector.

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