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Keremeos , British Columbia, Canada
Adventure travel in the Okanagan Valley

Keremeos, BC is a small community, situated in a valley of fruit orchards and farm fields, located in the Similkameen Valley, British Columbia, Canada. To the south of the community is K Mountain. A looming presence measuring 5,500 feet with the letter K emblazoned on its slopes. A result of rock slides.

The Similkameen Valley is partly desert country, therefore enjoys a warm climate. The temperatures and rich soils have created many orchards in the valley and a solid fruit producing industry. Much of the quality produce is available at any one of the many fruit stands that line the highways. There are peaches, apples, plums and more.

Keremeos, Olalla, Cawston and Hedley are the main towns in the Similkameen Valley. Each town, enjoys their own personality. Keremeos, however, is the larger of them all and is considered to be the main community in the valley.

Keremeos is an agricultural community in country-western country. Many homes are large farms. Some farms are cattle and horses while other farms are orchards and fruit stands.

The local parks and trails in the community of Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada include Pine Park and Memorial Park. Memorial is a family destination with a swimming pool, water park, picnic tables, sitting benches and playground. Pine Park is a walking path, exploring under looming trees and along a dyke. A good destination for birdwatching.

The day trip destinations to highlight when in Keremeos of the Similkameen Valley include the Cathedral Provincial Park, Keremeos Columns Provincial Park, Apex Mountain and the Okanagan Grasslands.

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