Vineyards and Orchards of the Okanagan Valley The wine industry and fruit orchards caught on film
Old Pickers Laddder
Wooden ladder used by fruit pickers in the day. Picking fruit in the old days.

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Sunflowers in the Sun
Sunshine day in the country Sunflowers

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Plums in an Okanagan Orchard Plums in the Okanagan Valley.

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Peaches in the Okanagan Valley Juicy peaches in an Oyama Orchard.

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Apple a day in Oyama. Apples in a orchard in Lake Country

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More Grapes
Grapes in hiding. Grapes

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Vines and Grapes
Vineyard of fine grapes in the Okanagan Grapes

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Purple grapes in Okanagan winery Grapes and wine.

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Vineyard picnic area
Picnicking among grapes Vineyard social scene area

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Colors in Oyama Blooms in spring.

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Oyama Orchards
Views of trees and lake. Orchards in Oyama

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Orchard Rows
Walking in an orchard Blooms in an orchard

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Mmmm.. Peaches
Peaches in orchard in Lake Country Peaches

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Pumpkin Harvest
Pumpkins for pie and Halloween Pumpkin patch in orchard.

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Green Grapes
Grapes hanging in vineyard Grapes in Lake Country

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