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Houston, BC Adventure Travel

Houston, B.C., Canada is a small community with a large backcountry playground populated by many lakes and rivers, surrounded by mountains. To the south the Morice, Nanika and Nadina Mountains own the sky and to the west of Houston is the mighty Telkwa Mountain Range... and just to the east is China Nose Mountain.

Houston, BC Photo Gallery The villages of the area, the many lakes and rivers rest in a valley created by the mountains referred to as the Bulkley Valley. It is also said.. the locals in Houston call the region "Pleasant Valley". A valley including destinations like Topley, Francois Lake, Granisle, Babine Lake and Morice Lake which are all neighbouring the Houston BC, Canada region.

Steelhead Park in Houston is located on Highway 16 and has a 60 foot fly rod on display. The locals love their fishing here. The 60 foot "World's Largest Fly Rod" weighs 800 lbs.

The community of Houston sits where the mighty Bulkley and Morice River meet. Two of the bigger rivers in the valley flowing down from the mountains. The fork in the rivers is a scenic perch enjoyed by the village community and one that offers easy access to many different recreational activities and sightseeing opportunities.

In the summer months fishing, canoeing and river kayaking are big in the region. Because of the many lakes and rivers fishing is huge with some of the more popular fishing spots being Babine Lake, Goosely Lake, Grizzly Lake, Irrigation Lake, Morice Lake and River, Summit Lake, Nadina Lake and Tagetochlain Lake. The region also boosts a very scenic canoe route called the Nanika Kidprice which involves paddling the Lamprey, Anzac, Stepp and Kidprice Lakes.

In the winter the snow accumulates up in the higher elevations. The alpine trails and mountain valleys become sheets of white attracting outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

eh! Plan to Visit Houston, BC today.

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