A Fly Rod Community
China Nose Mountain
China Nose Mountain
Mountain hiking trail with valley views. Wilderness hiking trail with valley views.
Buck Creek Trail
Buck Creek Trail
Interpretive community walking trail.
Irrigation Lake Park
Irrigation Lake Park
Community Recreation Lake Park
Duck Pond Trail
Duck Pond Trail
Community Birdwatching Hiking Trail
Silverthorne Lake
Silverthorne Lake
Recreational lake park
Steelhead Park
Steelhead Park
Community Main Park
Barret Hat Trail
Barret Hat Trail
Hiking Trail to Views
Houston Community Forest
Houston Community Forest
Network of hiking and xc skiing trails.
Spirit Bears
Police Station Painted Bear

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Painted Bears
At the entrance of recreation centre in town.

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Downtown building art

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Main Highway
Food and gas stations on the highway.

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Bridge into Town
BCeh.com on the move in Houston

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Heritage Village
One of the buildings from the past.

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Historic Village
The past is coming in the future.

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Worlds Largest Fly Rod
Huge fishing rod in highway park.

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Farmers Fields
Backcountry pastures when exploring off the main streets. Back country pastures when exploring off the main streets.

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Side Streets
Going for a coffee at a local cafe.

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Mountain Views
Looking down the side streets of Houston.

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Bull Riding
Holding on for life... downtown statue.

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Ride em Cowboy
Hwy 16 statue in the community

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Community Walking Path
Log awning covering the cobblestone pathway.

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Forest Capital Award
Highway recognition

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