8 Top Things To Do on Mayne Island, 
Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

The Top 8 Things To Do on Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Gulf Island B.C. Region.

Gulf Island LighthouseOcean Kayaking. Mayne Island is on the doorstep to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Active Pass and Plumper Sound. Kayaking Mayne Island also includes exploring the nearby Belle Chain of Islands and the Red Islets, Cabbage Island, Galiano Island and the rest of the Southern Gulf Islands. Kayak tour companies operate on Mayne Island.

Beachcombing. There are short and long trails on Mayne Island accessing the coastline. Some trails lead to sandy beaches while others lead to a rocky shorelines. Bennett Bay, Piggott Bay, Dinner Bay and Campbell Bay are popular beaches. The hiking trail to include on your list that connects to the coastline the trail exploring Campbell Point.

Biking and Cycling. Cycling around Mayne Island is ideal for sightseeing and for transportation because the island is small. It is a short day to circle the island but one can make it a full day adventure when including stops at parks and beaches. Plenty of opportunity for sightseeing and finding a private piece of beach.

Hiking and Walking. There are a few good hikes on Mayne Island. Most hiking trails are considered easy and short leading to viewpoints, rocky coastlines and sandy beaches. Mountain hikes are located in Mt. Park Regional Park and a special coastline hike explores Campbell Point.

Bird Watching. Many species of sea birds and waterfowl visit Mayne Island. Some of the birding opportunities include Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, oyster catchers, hawks and more etc.

Sailing and Boating. Mayne Island is a boating and sailing destination with a full service marina in Miners Bay and protected coves along the coastline for open water moorage. Mayne Island is often part of many multi day marine adventures exploring the Southern Gulf Islands and the Gulf Islands National Marine Park Reserve.

Sightseeing. There are many spots on the coastline for viewing and sightseeing. Some are simple beach access trails while others are island parks. Some of the sightseeing includes boats, yachts, sailboats, kayakers and wildlife like sea lions, seals and even whales.

Artists Tour. The artist community on Mayne Island is very evident. While visiting the island there are art galleries and studios to visit. Support the local Gulf Islands talent.

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