Parks, Trails & Places in Alert Bay, BC

The U'Mista Cultural Centre is the main attraction in Alert Bay. The centre is a First Nation museum and a special gathering place for ceremonial celebrations. The goal of the centre is to remember, protect and preserve the history, traditions and cult
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The burial grounds are the resting place for many of the First Nations people who first inhabited the island. Standing tall, marking many of the grave sites, are a number of ceremonial Totem Poles. Some of which are very old, faded and have fallen to the ground - some say, they are returning back
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Alert Bay is a magical and romantic destination located off the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
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Also referred to by the locals as the "Gator Gardens, the hiking path provides a sightseeing tour of the ecological environment on the island.
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The totem pole measures 53 metres tall. That is about 173 feet for our American friends. Jimmy Dick was the Chief Carver. The traditional figures on this pole represent many of the families that belong to the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation.
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