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Anahim Lake, BC Travel & Adventure

Anahim Lake , BC, Canada is a small town located on the western end of Chilcotin Country in British Columbia, Canada. Located west of the community are the towering mountains of the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Cariboo Chilcotin, BC Photo Gallery The Anahim Lake region is decorated with remote lakes, grasslands, forests, farms and ranches. The community of Anahim Lake, BC provides more services than most towns located on Highway #20 in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia, Canada.

Some of the services available in the town of Anahim Lake include accommodations, gas station, laundromat, liquor store, ATM, restaurants, grocery store, repair shops, retail and a small airport.

Like many small towns on Highway #20... Anahim Lake is a gateway to wilderness nature parks, outfitter camps, horseback riding guest ranches, fishing lodges, remote lakes, rivers, mountains and more.

The Tweedsmuir Provincial Park is a popular wilderness adventure destination attracting many people to the community. It is an under developed park with many recreation trails for exploring. The mountain ranges and looming peaks... the wildflower meadows with purples, reds and yellows... the raging rivers and wildlife species are all... largely... left alone by man.

The other two adventure destinations in the Anahim Lake region you may want to explore include the Itcha IIgachuz Range and the Entako Provincial Parks. All with hiking trails leading into rugged and remote wilderness environments.

Throughout the region there are networks of wilderness trails and gravel roads. Many trails and roads in the summer are explored by horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and off roading. In the winter months the same routes are used for xc skiing and snowmobiling.

Some of the wilderness trails in the region you may want to explore include the Anahim Peak, Beef, Rainbow Range, Octopus Lake and Crystal Lake Trails. They are located on the Anahim Lake side of Tweedsmuir Park. These are shared trails with hikers, bikers and horseback riders in the summer and snowmobilers in the winter.

The Dean River gravel road located north of Anahim Lake is an access road leading into the forests popular for seeking adventure destinations like wilderness camping, remote lakes, canoe routes and wilderness trails. The road connects to access points for the Dean River Paddle Route, Rainbow Lake Hiking Trail and the Alexander MacKenzie Trail.

Anahim Lake is 315 kilometres (195 mi.) west of Williams Lake on Highway #20 located at the east entrance of the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

eh! Plan to Visit Anahim Lake, BC today.