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Bella Coola, BC Travel & Adventure

Bella Coola, BC, Canada is a recreation destination located in a forested valley on the central coastline of the province of British Columbia, Canada. To the west of the village is Bentink Arm and the ocean. To the east is many looming mountains, in particular, the ones residing in the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. Connecting the valley to the rest of the province is Highway 20 and a BC Ferry Terminal.

Bella_Coola, BC Photo GalleryThe Bella Coola Valley has a long history. It is a history rich in culture and tradition of the Nuxalk First Nation people. Today, one can enjoy the beautiful art and Totem Poles on display at the school in the Nuxalk Village. It is a history filled with stories of a Norwegian settlement in Hagensborg. Today, some Norwegian buildings still stand. Yes, the ones made with home made tools and of Norwegian architecture.

There is plenty of recreational activities enjoyed in the Bella Coola Valley. The forested valleys, the easy access to the ocean, the looming mountains, the creeks and the streams create an ideal environment for many year round wilderness outdoor activities. Some visitors arrive with equipment and plenty of experience ready to tackle an extreme adventure while others sign up with tours providing guides.

In the summer people enjoy hiking, fishing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping, horseback riding, off roading and mountain biking. In the winter people mostly enjoy snowmobiling, cross country skiing and heli skiing in the snow capped mountains located in the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Some of the more popular hiking trails in the region include the historic Alexander MacKenzie (Grease) Trail, Hunlen Falls - Turner Lakes Chain Trail, the Rainbow Ridge Trails in Tweedsmuir Park.

Locally, in the Bella Coola Valley area try exploring the the Big Cedars Trail in Walker Island Park, the Snooka Creek Trails, the Saloompt Forest Trails and the Odegaard Falls Trail.

Some of the more picnic site - like parks in the Bella Coola Region includes the Clayton Falls Park with picnic tables, ocean views and a very short waterfall trail and the Saloompt Forest Trail with sitting benches, picnic tables and a small network of interpretive trails.

eh! Plan to Visit Bella Coola, BC today.