Sign Post Forest

Watson Lake

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Sign Post Forest

The Sign Post Forest is located in the community of Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada. The forest attraction is a must see stop when visiting the community. However, please make note, that this is not a forest as we know it with trees and wildlife but a forest with thousands and thousands of signs from all around the world.

The one similarity the Sign Post Forest does have with a treed forest is that there are walking trails. Yes, believe it. Throughout the small forest there are short walking trails weaving in and out of the rows of signs.

There are professional signs, there are home made signs and there is even an EH Tourism ( sign in the forest now. On your visit to the Sign Post Forest see if you can spot it.

The Sign Post Forest was established in 1942. The forest was a simple idea created by a soldier who was visiting from Danville Illinois, USA named Carl Lindley. Carl was assigned to Watson Lake during the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Carl must of had a rough day because at one point he was reminiscing about the comforts of home. Carl on a whim decided to erect a sign on the highway pointing in the direction of his home. On the sign he printed the exact mileage it would take to get home. It was a welcome reminder for him.

That one little gesture to sooth Carl's soul turned into a phenomenon soon later. It did not take long for hundreds of soldiers and workers to add their signs.


Sign Post Forest
Alaska Highway
Watson Lake

How To Get ToSign Post Forest

Travel to the community of Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Continue to travel the Alaska Highway through Watson Lake to the far north end of the community. On your right, just before the turn off for the Robert Campbell Highway is the Sign Post Forest. There is a small pull out area on the highway but parking is best behind the forest.
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