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Top 3 Communities Northern Territories – 2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards

Top 3 Communities Northern Territories Canada

2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards

Most Visited/Popular Top 3 Communities

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Northern Canada

Northern Canada – the Northern Territories of Canada includes the Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories (N.W.T) and Nunavut.

The Yukon Territories (“The Land of the Midnight Sun”); the N.W.T (“Canada’s Last Frontier” “North of Sixty” and, just recently, “The Aurora Capital of the World”) and Nunavut (“our land” in the Inuktitut language) showcase some of Canada’s most remote, rugged and untouched wilderness scenery in the country… and they are home to our jaw dropping Northern Lights. All territories are unique and rich in adventure, wildlife, geography and history.

Yukon, Canada is recognized for its sightseeing highways, wildlife sightings, rivers, lakes, heritage sites, trails, historic buildings, dog sledding, First Nation art, the Klondike Gold Rush and so much more.  Directly to the south of the Yukon is the Liard River Basin and to the north is the Arctic Circle. To the east is the Mackenzie Mountain Range and to the west are the Ogilvie, St Elias and Dawson Mountain Ranges. Spectacular!

The Northwest Territories, Canada is recognized for its majestic waterfalls, legendary rivers, large lakes, river ferries, bush pilot history, sightseeing highways, ice roads, river deltas, wetlands, wildlife reserves and First Nation culture and traditions.  The N.W.T. explores the Arctic Tundra, the Barrenlands, a boreal forest, mountain ranges, the Canadian Shield, historic rivers and the Arctic Ocean.  Mackenzie River is Canada’s longest river (1,738 km – 1080 miles) and Great Slave Lake is the second largest lake located within the borders of Canada and the deepest lake in North America reaching depths of 616 metres (2,027 feet).

 Nunavut, Canada is coming soon to ehCanadaTravel.com .

Below we have listed the TOP 3 MOST VISITED COMMUNITIES in Northern Canada based on the number of online travelers who visited that community in 2013 on our award winning ehCanadaTravel.com website and blog.


Northwest Territory, Canada

Views of Slave Lake from Pilot’s Monument

1travelers-best-award-1stYellowknife, N.W.T.

Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories, Canada. The community is situated on the northern shores of Great Slave Lake and at the end of the Frontier Highway (Hwy #4). Yellowknife streets are a mixture of the past and present. Many of the streets are named after early pioneers, fur traders and entrepreneurs. Yellowknife is situated on the shores of Slave Lake and surrounded by Boreal Forests and the Canadian Shield. It is a landscape full of adventure and a launching point to the far north. (read more)

Whitehorse, Yukon Territories in Canada

Pastel Buildings of Downtown Whitehorse

1travelers-best-award-2ndWhitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse is the capital city of the Yukon Territories in Canada. The community is situated on the banks of the Yukon River and is a main service and adventure hub on the Alaska Highway.  The community is home to many lakes, rivers and mountains which create canyons, hot springs and connecting waterways. The downtown core of Whitehorse enjoys both new and older buildings-some painted in pastel colors. History is located throughout the town including the Whitehorse Train Station, the SS Klondike, the Ernie Tweed House & the Caude Hogg House. (read more)

Dawson City, Yukon

Views of Dawson from Dome Lookout

Dawson City, Yukon
Dawson City is a community located in the wilderness north of the Yukon Territories. Surrounding Dawson City are the Ogilvie Mountains and  the Yukon, Klondike and Bonanza Rivers.  Just across the river is the “Top of the World Highway”. The community is engulfed in heritage buildings, historic rivers and attractions like Diamond Tooth Gerties and the S.S. Keno, Jack London and Robert Service Heritage Sites. In the village the boardwalk sidewalks are raised up off the ground keeping with history. The buildings are colorful and painted in bright pastels. Many of them resemble the buildings built during the Klondike Gold Rush. (read more)

Congratulations to this years most popular communities in the Northern Territories of Canada
from the “eh Team Brothers” and the ehCanadaTravel.com.


vista2- small2ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest booking, planning and researching tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The EH Team Brothers (Co Founders) also author the eh Canada Travel Blog which was recently awarded “A Top Canadian Blogger” by FlightNetwork.com.

2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards – Northern Territories

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  1. Gug
    Gug says:

    Talk your time and enjoy yourself. If you get a chance make some time for the Northwest Territories too especially the Waterfall Hwy.

  2. Doug Pratt
    Doug Pratt says:

    This is awesoe ,we plan to make th trip this summer, from Northern Alberta through BC, north throught yukon and to Alaska, stopping in Dawson City and Whitehourse thn where ever the oad brings up to Alaska. Hope its good, looks awesom.

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