Interview with Rocky Ledges on the Lake B&B in Kaslo, BC

Friends of Tourism InterviewThis week’s interview:

Rocky Ledges on the Lake in Kaslo, BC, Canada

Link: http://www.rockyledges.com/

We would like to introduce you to some of the “movers and shakers” of the Tourism Industry who are making a difference in their region. We call them our “Friends of Tourism”.

The “Friends of Tourism” interview introduces you to selected quality artists, photographers, product sponsors, travel bloggers and travel businesses who are making a positive impact on Canadian Tourism.

This week we talked with Maggie Winters who operates Rocky Ledges on the Lake in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada.

1. Who are you, where do you live and where are you from?

My name is Maggie Winters.  I was born and raised in upstate New York, spent my working life living in Ontario and retired here to Kaslo B.C. with my husband to open our Rocky Ledges on the Lake B&B.

2. Favorite thing about your hometown?  The fabulous outdoor, year around recreational opportunities.

3. Tell us something unique about Rocky Ledges on the Lake? We transitioned last year from strictly a B&B operation to making our full breakfast optional at an additional cost.  This meets the needs of those guests who for any number of reasons do not want breakfast and yet still offers the breakfast option to those who want the B&B experience.  It has worked out extremely well.

4. What extras do you arrange and provide travelers to assist them in exploring your hometown? We have local hiking books as well as materials we have developed ourselves as a way of introducing guests to all the activities available to travelers visiting Kaslo.  We are also happy to arrange fishing, golfing, kayaking and other activities upon request.

5. #1 Reason you work in the travel industry?  We love meeting people from all over the world and sharing this special place we call home.

6. What is your funniest tourism moment? We are always impressed by how organized our European guests are, even to the extent of bringing along their own portable clothes line.  You can imagine my husband’s surprise one morning as he sat down in his office, looked out the window and found a clothesline filled with women’s underwear blocking his view of the lake.

7. What is your favorite park, lake, river, ocean or historic site and why? The S.S. Moyie National Historic Site on the lakefront in Kaslo.  The S.S. Moyie sternwheeler is one of the most significant preserved steam passenger vessels in North America. When the Moyie was retired in 1957, after a 59-year career with the Canadian Pacific Railway’s BC Lake and River Service, she was the last operating passenger sternwheeler in Canada. She is in a surprisingly complete state for a vessel with such a long service record and has been lovingly restored through the hard work and dedication of the Kootenay Lake Historical Society.  A tour of the Moyie is not to be missed when you visit Kaslo.

8. What did you do before your current business venture? I worked in Health Care Administration and as a sessional instruction for various local universities in the evenings.

9. How many countries have you visited? Where do you plan to go next to vacation and why?  My daughter is a performance artist based in Germany.  I will be making my first trip outside of North America this month when I join her as she performs on a German Cruise Ship visiting various ports of call in the Mediterranean.   

10. What is the biggest mistake you see travelers do? They try to cram too much travel into a short time period.  Travelers today are so busy rushing from place to place they miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the unique attractions that places like Kaslo have to offer.  Too many times I hear guests lament as they leave Kaslo, “I wish we had planned more time here.”

11. Favorite book/movie?  I am definitely more fond of books than movies.  Picking a favourite book, however, is tough.  I love to read and have many favourites.  Lately I have been reading a number of books by Scandinavian authors such as Swedish writer Henning Mankell.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about different countries and their politics while enjoying a good read at the same time.

12. What adventure activity / hobbies do you enjoy and why?  My husband and I enjoy the peace and quiet and natural beauty of our surroundings so kayaking, cross country skiing and hiking are favourite activities.

Thank you Rocky Ledges on the Lake B&B in Kaslo, BC, Canada for your time!


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