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Radium Hot Springs & Swansea Mountain – 2013 Research Road Trip

Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada is a tourism town located in the Columbia Valley. The valley is home to the Columbia River Wetlands and to such popular activities as canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, golfing hang gliding and… of course hot springs.

Mikey D our friend, tour guide & host

Mikey D our friend, tour guide & host

Our “bumps and bruises” gang of three were heading to a golf course and then up a mountain for some jaw dropping views. We were lucky to have our friend Mikey D as our host in Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

We were going to go smash some balls as hard as we can. We figured the word “four” would become the word of the day. I mean… really… how hard is it to drive, chip and putt a small white ball into a small hole under intense heat with trash talking good friends in your face.

Down the highway we could see it in front of us. The waves of heat were rolling and sliding, back and forth, over the pavement. The mirage of heat kept running away from us but still holding its ground in the distance in front of us never getting closer. It was as if a pack of wolves were tracking us, threatening to pounce, but never doing so.

What am I thinking! It was 38 degrees Celsius. It was stinking hot but lovin’ every minute of it!

Very few words were spoken. Saving our energy for golfing I guess. The perspiration and the silence in the cab of the truck smelt and said it all. Melting or not we were going to have a day of  laughs and smiles. The golf score really meant little.

Quality time with friends meant everything especially friends from our childhood. These are the same friends who do not judge, only support. These are the same friends who have been by your side during the good and bad. And… right now, all is good in Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

Golf went well. We laughed, we smiled,  we cheered and… yes… we booed too. Friends do that too.  And – best of all – we did not hit anyone with a golf ball. I even came close to shooting par on a few holes. At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

Swansea Summit in Columbia Valley

Swansea Summit in Columbia Valley

Next on the agenda was Swansea Mountain. Mickey D promised great views. We consider ourselves View Gurus.  The pressure was on Mikey D to deliver.

Swansea Mountain is located just south of Radium Hot Springs – closer to Invermere, BC actually. From what we were told by our friend turned tour guide was that we were going to drive a rough gravel road to a summit parking lot and then continue on foot to the summit via an elevation single track trail. Sounds fun right!

Mikey D started his climb up the mountain in a small truck. We bumped and swayed in the cab of the truck while avoiding pot holes. Every switchback we leaned, sometimes more than required, squishing Colin like a pancake because he drew the end seat against the door.Life is good. LOL!

From the summit parking lot we hoofed it up the mountain. Straight up we climbed for about 500-750 metres. Not much of a hike, but all straight up.

Our KEEN Canada sandals held their own. Quickly we crested the mountain and, before we knew it, we were looking out over the Columbia Valley. Down the middle of the valley the Columbia River snaked along connecting the communities of Invermere, Radium Hot Springs and the resort village of Fairmont Hot Springs.

Sightseeing the Columbia Valley

Sightseeing the Columbia Valley

Not much was said because the views did all the talking. Myself, I am partial to summit views, so I was listening intently to the conversations of nature through the eyes of a lens.

Mikey D pointing out landmarks. My eyes glued to the landscape. My jaw locked into a position of “wow”. Nature has a therapeutic element to it. I was cured even though I have no illness.

Thank you Mikey D for being our friend and our tour guide in Radium Hot Springs.




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