During our research trip to the Yukon we learned so much more about the history, culture of  Northern Canada. We learned that the Yukon has many amazing lakes,  rivers,  mountains, glaciers, ice fields, canyons, heritage sites, waterfalls, wildlife and people.  The Yukon gave us many “wow” moments.

One of the “wow” moments hit us in the head when traveling the Alaska Highway entering Haines Junction. As we drove the road show into town we were overwhelmed by the Hess Mountain Range and the snow capped peaks. Monster mountains straight ahead. It was a post card moment.

The sweet thing about Haines Junction is that it is in the back yard of the Kluane National Park and Reserve. This amazing 21,000 square kilometre park was one place I would like to have spent more time exploring, more time backpacking, more time taking pictures of wildlife.

Haines Junction is not all about mountains either. There are rivers, glaciers, valleys, forests and lakes. Some lakes are remote while others are what we call “easy access” lakes. As Bro demonstrates on a long pier on Pine Lake just outside the community of Haines Junction (photo above).

What I like about the many of lakes in the Yukon is that they are crystal clear.. some even a turquoise – green color. During our trip we did some canoeing and we meet many kayakers on lakes. Some young and many, to our surprise older. Gotta like the Yukon mentality.

Well in the Haines Junction area I did manage to go on many long day hikes to some amazing high places. Many of the hikes we get juiced up on are elevation hikes because we like standing on mountain peaks and ridges.

There is nothing more thrilling than standing and looking at a glacier in the face with hundreds of kilometres of forests, rivers and lakes below you.

Even though we get a rush on the big adventures.. we also enjoy the easy acess adventures.. because any activity outside has  a magic moment.

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