East Coast or Bust eh

Packing up the adventure gear,  planning the route,  looking over the travel pods (trailers), making sure photo and video gear are working well and  making and list and checking it twice because this summer research trip is going to be soooo nice!

The days and nights are counting down before we must pack up for some serious road touring miles again this year.  This year the plan is to research the east coast.  Who knows how far we will get before we have to hunker down for the winter.  From what we can tell so far there is plenty of adventure ahead of us to research and plenty more small, medium and large communities to discover.

Time is tight. Lots of loose ends to clear up before we have to put pen to paper, road to pavement and begin researching the east coast of Canada for our final push on collecting data for our CanadaEH.net Travel Planning Network.

So far we are extremely happy with the way last year finished. We assisted more people last year, than ever before, with planning their British Columbia, Canada adventures and accommodations. Our “EH Tourism Blog” was ranked 20th on the 2009 TOP 100 Canadian Blogs by BlogRank.com . And there is no slowing down.. in 2010 we the launched of our www.YukonEH.com Travel Website and just around the corner, later this month,  is the www.NWTeh.com Travel website launch.

The road ahead has many more tales to tell. Make sure to check in with us here as we plan on keeping you up to date with regular blogs almost everyday. Can you feel the excitement.

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