So we are exploring around Dawson City making our rounds to all the viewpoints on the surrounding hills and cliffs. We stopped in at the Dome Lookout which is an easy access lookout with 360 degree views of the Yukon River, Dawson City, Klondike River, Top of the World Highway and the Ogilvie Mountains. What a sweet view. Total photo moment!

In the middle of the loop road which leads up the hill is a large rock mound and on top of the rock is a bench with the words carved into it “Life is the World”.. made us smile – not really knowing what that is suppose to mean but it had a nice ring to it.

During the exploring on the backroads we saw a small little sign nailed to a tree which read Fire Tower Lookout.. Huh?  What is this we thought. We looked down the road, and it was narrow and long. You could see for kilometers as it climbed over hill after hill. We could not see a fire tower from where we were but we could see it was far. That meant it was a long ride into the bush to the tower. The only reason we had hesitation is because we have gone down hundreds of lonely gravel roads while exploring across Canada only to reach a dead end or get turned around and end up somewhere else or worse.. drive for hours and nothing.

We took the plunge on this one and went for it. It did not disappoint. The road rolled over hills through the boreal forest. We saw more signs and knew we were getting close. We turn a corner.. acting like little boys at Xmas time.. anxious to see what was behind the wrapping. It did not disappoint.

The views were amazing. It was so quiet. At the tower was a wooden lookout deck high above the valley. There was a ranger cabin but no one was home. Or was it a weather station. Hard to know when it was all locked up. Too bad it would of been cool to sit down and chat with forest ranger dude or dudess or weather dude or dudess ( political correct thing ).

Bro started to wander after we took some pictures from the lookout. He started to check out the big steel watch tower. It was so tall, it punched a hole in the sky. The tower was locked down half way up but there was still a photo moment so Bro climbed up a bit of the tower to get a peak (main photo). He could see right down the valley. I checked it out too and man, what a great view.

It just goes to show you there is adventure every where, just have to get on a bike, in a car, in a canoe or boat and adventure will find you.

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