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Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Fort McMurray, Alberta is part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Included in the Wood Buffalo group are the surrounding communities and neighbourhoods of Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort McKay, Conklin, Janvier, Anzac, Gregoire Lake, Draper and Mariana Lake. One should note that Fort McMurray is unincorporated therefore, technically, it is not a city but the largest unincorporated community in Alberta, Canada.

Being that it is an economic hub in Alberta, Fort McMurray enjoys many of the services that would only be witnesses in much larger communities. Visitors should have no problem with the selection of accommodations, entertainment, restaurants, retail, pubs and transportation (airport, taxi and bus). The airport is a hub for, in and out, travel when in Fort McMurray. So much so it is served by Canada's two (2) largest airlines - West Jet and Air Canada.
The adventures and activities most enticing to visitors are, mostly not-all, in the backcountry. During the summer the activities enjoyed include canoeing, kayaking, Northern Lights ( Aurora Borealis), fishing, boating and golfing. The winter months attract activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling, xc skiing and snowshoeing.