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Hostels or Backpackers Inns provide some of the most economical accommodations for many who travel and explore Alberta, Canada. Book your next Alberta hostel vacation today on Canada's largest booking, planning and interactive travel and adventure website.

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What is an Alberta Hostel and Backpacker Inn?

Alberta hostels are communities within themselves. They, as well as, backpacker inns encourage an open atmosphere, interaction and a "keep it simple" environment. A type of accommodation very popular for economical travelers as well as the younger generation looking to meet new people from around the world. There are also eco retreat hostels which specialize in adventures like mountain biking, skiing and backpacking. 

Common Areas of Alberta Hostel Accommodations

Hostels or backpacker inns provide shared sleeping quarters. Rooms are furnished with multiple beds and/or bunk beds sleeping up to 6-10 people. Some hostels provide private rooms for a higher price. The common rooms of a hostel include the kitchen, washrooms and living area. In hostels you are self sufficient. You provide the food, you cook for yourself and you do the dishes.  

Hostels are generally located on bus routes and close to all major transportation and community services. There are exceptions as some are located in wilderness areas outside of a community.

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