Millennium Walkway


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Millennium Walkway

Millennium Trail is a recreation destination located in the community of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Exploring along the Millennium Walkway, visiting on the waterfront, is an ideal way to sightsee in the community of Whitehorse while enjoying some great views of the mighty Yukon River.

Millennium Walkway photo galleryThe 5 kilometre pathway is a paved and gravel route (mostly paved) explored by hikers, dog walkers, roller bladders and bikers. The Millennium Trail loops around, both, the east and west banks of the Yukon River from the Robert Campbell Bridge in the north to the Rotary Footbridge near the fish ladders in the south.

The Millennium Trail on the east side of the river is a forested trail exploring through aspen and pine tree forests. The east side follows the banks of the Yukon River to the corner of Alsek and Nisutlin Roads where there is a footbridge. The east side route passes by a salmon hatchery, the "intake" (a popular canoe and kayak Yukon River access point) before reaching the footbridge. Before crossing the footbridge there are viewing decks a few 100 metres ahead looking out over some fish ladders.

On the south end of the loop route the Rotary Footbridge crosses over the Yukon River. The bridge connects the east and west sections of the walkway. Once on the west side, Bert Law Park is just up the trail from the bridge. Bert Law Park is an island park on the Yukon River accessed via a small footbridge popular for birdwatching and hiking.

On the west bank of the Yukon River the pathway is more developed with lookouts and viewpoints. It follows the Robert Service Highway into town. In town the trail connects to some waterfront paved paths in the Peace Park and the SS Klondike Historic Site is sitting across the street.

On the south end of the Millennium Walkway near the Rotary Footbridge it connects to the Yukon River Loop Trail. The Yukon River Loop Trail connects to Miles Canyon which then leads to the historic gold rush town of Canyon City. The adventure goes and goes.. it is all good.

The north end of the pathway along the west bank of the Yukon River, closest to the SS Klondike, is the busiest section of the paved route. The Robert Campbell Bridge on the north end of the walkway connects the east and west sides of the trail.


Millennium Walkway

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Travel to the community of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Near the SS Klondike in downtown Whitehorse, by the Robert Campbell Bridge, is as good a spot as any to start.
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