Recreation Trail
Mountain Biking
Biking near a lookout on Millennium Walkway in Whitehorse

2989 hits

Viewing Bench
Views of Schwatka Lake

2580 hits

Biking and Kayaking
Biking the trail and driving with a kayak

2860 hits

Mountain Biking
Quality family time outdoors on Millennium Walkway in Whitehorse

2236 hits

Rock Wall Trail
Trail follows shores of Schwatka Lake

2252 hits

Biking & Walking & Dog Walking
Combining all three on Millennium Walkway in Whitehorse

2863 hits

Crossing Yukon River
Rotary Footbridge crossing

2641 hits

Information Boards
Signs mapping out trail and attractions

2752 hits

Rotary Footbridge
Bridge connecting east and west banks of hiking trail

2470 hits

Views of Yukon River
Views from the Rotary Footbrdige

2419 hits

Walkway on Schwatka Lake
Millennium Walkway following shores of lake

2502 hits

Fish Ladders
Fish Ladders on the Yukon River

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