Tagish, Yukon Territories

The community of Tagish is situated on the banks of the 6 Mile River in the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon Territory in Canada. 6 Mile River, also referred to as Tagish River, is a vital waterway connecting two of the bigger lakes in the region together - Marsh and Tagish Lakes.

Yukon Canada PicturesThe region of Tagish and Marsh Lakes is referred to, by many, as the cottage country of the Yukon Territory. The shores of the lakes in the region are dotted with many cabins and cottages. Some of the cottages belong to year round locals and some are summer and winter vacation homes.

Tagish is surrounded by many lakes. Many of the lakes eventually flow into the Yukon River. Some of the more popular recreation lakes in the area include Little Atlin, Chootle, Crag, Nares and Marsh Lakes. The lakes and hectares of forest provide travelers many opportunities for adventures and activity.

In the summer months some of the activities enjoyed include fishing, boating, hunting, canoeing, birdwatching, sightseeing, touring, camping and wildlife watching. There are fishing charters and canoe operators in the region. However, some travelers arrive with their own equipment in tow and a planned adventure already in mind.

In the winter months when the lakes freeze over and the snow has fallen some of the activities enjoyed in the region include ice fishing, dog sledding and snowmobiling.

The Tagish region is home to many species of wildlife. There are bears, moose, elk, caribou, fox, lynx, beaver, deer and so much more. The high number of lakes provide many birdwatching opportunities as well. One of the largest number of migrating swans visit the region every spring.

The community of Tagish is located on Highway #8. It is a secondary highway connecting the community of Tagish with Carcross. Some of the services available in in the region important to travelers include accommodations, resorts, gas station, coffee shop, ATM, restaurant, tour companies, charters, guides, general store, marina and a post office.


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