Schwatka Lake


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Schwatka Lake

Schwatka Lake is a recreation destination located in the community of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. The construction efforts of the Whitehorse Dam on the Yukon River in the 1950s flooded the rapids therefore creating the man-made lake.

Schwatka Lake photo galleryThe lake is a popular destination for activities like fishing, boating, canoeing, boat cruises, sightseeing, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, swimming and birdwatching in the summer months. The lake falls within the migratory path of many birds and is home to deer and beaver wildlife sightings.

In the winter months, after the snow has fallen, the trails around the lake become cross country ski routes. If temperatures drop enough and the lake freezes then ice fishing is enjoyed on the lake as well.

There is a day use area located on the eastern shores of the lake. The day use park includes a boat launch, a long floating pier, some pit toilets, a tree swing, picnic tables and a hiking trail. Many of the day use picnic sites are private and hidden away from sight by the forest of aspen trees.

The large gravel parking lot located off of Chadburn Lake Road is the parking area for accessing the Day Use Area on Schwatka Lake. The road to access the park is gravel and sometimes rough. Always travel with your lights on and watch your speeds.

On Schwatka Lake there is a gravel path which follows the banks of the lake connecting the picnic sites together. Follow the path further and it eventually will circle the entire Schwatka Lake. This loop trail around the lake is called the Yukon River Loop Trail. The 15 kilometre trail is an ideal way to tour the lake and visit attractions like Miles Canyon and Canyon City.


Schwatka Lake

How To Get ToSchwatka Lake

Travel to the community of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Near the SS Klondike cross the bridge over the Yukon River and travel on Lewes Boulevard. Continue on Lewes and then take a right onto Nisutlin Road. Continue straight until you reach the gravel road - Chadburn Lake Road. Follow Chadburn for 2 kilometres to the day use park parking lot. There is a sign of Schwatka Lake.
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