Day Use Recreation Park
Yukon River Loop Trail
Hiking around Schwatka Lake

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Interpretive Sign
Hiking Trail from parking lot

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Schwatka Lake
Views of lake and island

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Day Use parking lot pier and boat launch

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Schwatka Lake
Views from a hilltop of lake on cloudy day

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Floatplane Base
Views of floatplanes on Schwatka Lake

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Walking Trail
Trail leads to many hidden picnic tables

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Picnic Table Trail
Yukon River Loop Trail runs through park

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Waterfront Picnicking
What a view for getting hungry

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Rope Swing
Came across a rope swing but had no swimming trunks

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Hikers met on Yukon River Loop Trail in Whitehorse

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Entrance Sign
Day Use Park sign on the road

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Researching Schwatka Lake on the Yukon River Loop Trail in Whitehorse

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Schwatka Lake Sign
Lake is Yukon River after flooding

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