King's Throne Trail

Haines Junction

Trail Length: 10 km (6 mi)

Difficulty: Extreme
Park Amenities:
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Kluane National Park & Reserve, Yukon Territory, Canada
King's Throne Trail

Katheen Lake photo galleryThe one-way King's Throne Trail explores along an old wagon road and hiking trail eventually leading to a summit viewpoint on a rocky ridge. The beginning of the Kings's Throne Trail is the same trailhead entrance and parking lot as the Cottonwood Trail.

The King's Throne Trail is a 10 kilometre return ( 6 mi ) hike which is considered difficult and challenging. From beginning to end the trail experiences an elevation gain of about 548 metres (1800 feet) and takes backcountry hikers about 4-6 hours to complete.

The alpine trail begins by following an old wagon road on the southside of Kathleen Lake for 2 kilometres. At this point on the trail you come across a junction with two routes. The trail marker indicating the Kings Throne Trail should be on your left. If you go right you are taking the 85 kilometre Cottonwood Trail.

After the junction the trail begins to climb quickly. Switchbacks appear as the the mountain elevation increases. ( Please do not short cut trails ) The switchbacks lead you the rest of the way up the mountain to the top of a rocky ridge. The ridge is referred to as an alpine cirque - otherwise known as the "seat" of the King’s Throne. You made it. Enjoy the views!

From the ridge you head back down the same trail that you came up on. For those that have planned for the extra hiking there is an additional unmaintained 6 kilometre ( 3.8 Mile ) trail which continues up the mountain to a peak. The trail is considered difficult with dangerous terrain.

The trailhead entrance to the additional hike is located on the left side of the ridge. The additional trail will add another 3-5 hours to your adventure depending on the fitness levels and preparedness of the group. It is an advanced and difficult hike with loose terrain and steep sections. The total elevation gain is 710 metres (2329 feet).

As mentioned earlier the other trail hikers encounter along the King's Throne Trail is the backpacking trail called the Cottonwood Trail. It is a 85 kilometre loop trail for backpackers which includes exploring alpine meadows and two mountain passes. The journey takes 4 - 6 days.

Both hikes are in "Bear Country". When enjoying the trail make noise. Know your wildlife etiquette and always give wildlife the right of way. And for your own comfort, when exploring in the Yukon wilderness, always carry mosquito repellant.

King's Throne Trail in the Kluane National Park & Reserve, Yukon Territories, Canada near Haines Junction, Yukon


King's Throne Trail
Haines Highway
Haines Junction

How To Get ToKing's Throne Trail

Travel to the community of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada. From the community travel south for 27 kilometres ( 17 miles ) on the Haines Highway to the Kathleen Lake entrance.
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