Recreation Lake
Family picnic on the shores of Kathleen Lake

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Kathleen Lake
Views and reflections of Kathleen Lake

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Picnic Table
Picnicking on Kathleen Lake

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Park Sign
Sign for the Kluane National Park & Reserve

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Mountain Views
Views form the beach

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Entrance Sign
Welcome to Kathleen Lake

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Sign and Mountains
Signs face the mountains of Kathleen Lake

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Turquoise - green Paddle
Kayaking Kathleen Lake near Haines Junction

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Pebbled Beach
Beach on Kathleen Lake

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EH Tourism on Location
Day Use parking lot

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Interpretive Signs
Signs explaining the turquoise - green color of the lake water

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Nice day for a paddle on Kathleen Lake in Haines Junction.

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Lake Views
Sitting bench on Boardwalk Trail on Kathleen Lake

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Boardwalk Trail
Walking trail following the shores of Kathleen Lake

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Viewing Bench
Views of Kathleen Lake from Boardwalk Trail

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