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Winkler Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Winkler, Manitoba is the largest of the communities in the Pembina Valley and a centre for commerce and transportation.

Located at the corner of Highway #32 and Highway #14 Winkler is situated in the deep south of the province just above the USA/Canada Border. Located north of Winkler is the community of Carman. To the west of Winkler is the community of Morden and to the east is Highway #75 and a direct highway route leading to Winnipeg.

Being that Winkler is one of the larger communities in the Pembina Valley there are many services which are important to travelers. Some of the services include accommodations, campground, restaurants, amusement park, shopping mall, grocery stores, gas stations, conference facility, day spas, bakeries, car rental, department stores, gift shops, coffee shops, banks, internet, big box stores, farmers market, laundromat and transportation (taxi and Winkler Municipal Airport).

Culture, history and tradition are important to the region and are protected and preserved by the community. There are artists venues, cultural events and traditional historic sites some of which include a theatre, art gallery, concert hall and agricultural museum.

Popular Parks & Places

The Bethel Heritage Park located in the community is a good sightseeing destination for history and to learn more about the region. There are historic cairns, walking paths, floral beds, history story boards, a fountain and an outdoor gazebo.

Winkler enjoys over 15+ kilometres of walking paths exploring the community. The paths connect with recreation facilities and parks. Some of the more popular parks in Winkler and close by in the Pembina Valley include Winkler Park, Parkview Gardens, Emerado Park, Prairie Green Park and the Pembina Valley Provincial Park.

Popular Activities

During the summer months some of the activities enjoyed in the region of interest to travelers include golfing, camping, hiking, birdwatching, swimming, biking, cycling and picnicking. During the winter months ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing are the active