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Morden Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Morden, Manitoba is a recreation and agricultural destination located in the southern regions of Manitoba, Canada in the Pembina Valley. The community is one of the more natural, greener communities in the region decorated with trees, flowers and waterways like Deadhorse Creek and Lake Minnewasta.

Lake Minnewasta is located in the southern end of town while Deadhorse Creek flows through the centre of town. Located north of the community is Carman, Manitoba and to the south is the USA/Canada Border and the Pembina Valley Provincial Park. Situated out west are the Pembina Hills and located to the east is the community of Winkler, Manitoba.

The recreation activities associated with Lake Minnewasta and the history of the community are some of the highlights of the region. The history is best told by some of the attractions and by some of the heritage homes in the area. History, as far back as, the dinosaurs is on display at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. The centre is said to be the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada.

Recent history is captured in the local museum and in many of the heritage buildings in town like the 1901 Arlington Hotel, 1910 Albert Ferguson building, 1890 AP Braun Home, 1898 John Hobbs Building, 1911 Frank & Nettie Cowie Home, 1894 Maple Leaf School, 1901 Heckels Block, 1891 David Stodders Home, 1905 Morden Court House, 1899 Dr. Benjamin James McConnell Home and the 1885 Gothic Revival Church.

The community of Morden has venues, murals, sculptures and events celebrating culture, history and art. There are venues like an art gallery, artist studios, art exhibits and an outdoor theatre. There are events like a folk festival, triathlon, music festival and a corn and apple festival.

Morden includes many services and facilities of interest and importance to travelers like a campground, accommodations, restaurants, pubs, banks, laundromat, grocery stores, retail stores, gift stores, internet, coffee houses, day spas, gas stations, outfitters, liquor store and transportation (taxi and a regional airport). There are attractions too like sightseeing tours, golfing and a motor speedway.

Popular Parks & Places

Lake Minnewasta measures about 1/2 kilometre wide by 3 kilometres long. Not a very big lake by most standards... but it is a very active lake. There is a campground, a boat launch, a picnic day use site, a convenience store, a playground and a popular sandy beach named Colbert Beach.

Surrounding Lake Minnewasta are recreation trails. The Millennium Pathway, Minnewasta Trail, Kinsmen Pathway and the Buhler Boardwalk follow the shores of the lake. Located on the paths are information signs providing insight into the history of the community and sightseeing benches providing views.

The trails and parks in Morden not only include the Lake Minnewasta Recreation Area and Colert Beach but also the Livingston Nature Park, Morden Park, Confederation Park, Suncatch Park and the Stanley Centennial Park. Also located south of Morden is a wilderness park named the Pembina Valley Provincial Park.

popular Activities

During the summer months some of the activities enjoyed in the region of interest to travelers include fishing, golfing, camping, swimming, boating, water skiing, sailing, sunbathing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, picnicking, birdwatching, mountain biking and flight seeing.

During the winter months cross country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling are the adventures