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Pemberton BC Travel, Tourism, Adventure

A small welcoming community nestled under the watch of Mount Currie surrounded by lakes, rivers and farmers fields. Located just north of Whistler, BC, this small village is another wilderness playground in the Sea to Sky Country.

Pemberton Village, also referred to as "Spud Valley" rests in a fertile valley where mountain rivers converge like the Lillooet River, Pemberton Creek and the Green River. And where there are rivers, there are lakes. Anderson, Lillooet, Duffey, Birkenhead, Owl, Green, Mosquito and One Mile Lake are just a few of the lakes in the region.

The region is rich in adventures like hiking, fishing, river rafting, horseback riding, kayaking, boating, off roading, mountain biking, golfing, xc skiing and snowmobiling.

Whether hiking for a short trip or overnight there are trails to fit any trekking adventure in Pemberton. The One Mile Lake and Nairn Falls walking trails are well maintained routes and are well used which make for a great day of hiking and picnicking. There are some longer hiking trails which involve wilderness camping too like the Lakeshore Trail on Birkenhead Lake.

Mountain biking trails are all over the map in Pemberton. The locals have worked hard to establish a mountain biking trail system in the area and are happy to point the way to some wicked single track and gravel off roads ideal for biking. The trails out near Mosquito and Ivey Lakes offer speed and air time, with some mud slinging in the wet season. A biking trail for the whole family is the 8 Km Valley Loop Trail which tours from Pemberton Village to Pemberton Creek Dyke.

The adventures keep coming in Pemberton like river rafting the Green River; jet boating the Lillooet River; horseback riding near Gold Bridge; fishing on Duffey Lake; snowmobiling up to the Pemberton Ice Fields; xc skiing in the Joffre Recreation Area and/or off roading the backroads around Anderson Lake and over Hurley Pass Road.

The community is small but it does have the main amenities to make any trip comfortable. There are retail, grocery and gift stores in town, along with restaurants, coffee shops, bank machines and gas stations.

eh! Plan to Visit Pemberton, BC today.