Blackwater Lake


Located in: Pemberton
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Blackwater Lake near Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada is a small remote lake nestled in the forest that is located north of Pemberton and east of the community of D'Arcy, BC. The lake is mainly used as a swimming and fishing hole. There are some who stop in for the day for a picnic and family time.

Blackwater Lake covers over 82 hectares. There is a rooftop small boat launch for canoes and small craft boats. The accessible shoreline is small and tight in some areas. There is a small recreational camping area that can sometimes be overwhelmed with vehicles making access to the lake and pier uncomfortable.

Most find the fishing on the lake to be best near the mouth of Scout Creek. The fishing is best through the months of May to September. Rainbow and cutthroat trout is the main catch of the day from this lake. There is a floating pier for docking canoes and for casting a few lines in hope of a bite.

The area is also a place to hear birds singing and to view various birds that visit the lake and shoreline. Birdwatchers, when the campsite is not busy and noise is at a minimum, will enjoy some opportunities to view Blue Herons and Bald Eagles plus other bird species.

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Blackwater Lake
Blackwater Lake Rd
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Located in: Pemberton
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