One Mile Lake


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One Mile Lake in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada is a popular destination for locals and visitors in the summer. The lake can be seen from Highway 99 and is easy to access providing a great opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy some outdoor quality time. One Mile Lake is a swimming, canoeing and picnicking beach with a loop hiking trail around the perimeter.

One Mile Lake is a stopping destination for birdwatchers also. Because of the lakes, rivers and the wetland region, the lake is an ideal location for migratory and local birds to hang out. Great Blue Herons, loons, osprey, Trumpeter Swans and endless families of ducks can be spotted when visited the lake. Look hard and nests are in the trees.

Hikers can explore the circular trail leading around the lake. The trail consists of some sections of boardwalk with most of the trail following a hard packed earthy route. The trail wanders through the forest mainly consisting of Cottonwood, Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, Red Dogwood and Red Alder trees. Watch for flooding on some sections of the trail.

The main gathering area consists of a grassy field with picnic tables and a sectioned off area for swimming. The floating docks with ladders makes for great safe day of play and fun when swimming. There is a playground area for the kids and sitting benches for the weary.

Beyond the swimming area, out on the lake, are the canoes and kayaks. The lake is the training ground for some of the local Dragon Boat associations. The canoes and kayaks are launched from the shore of the park.



One Mile Lake
Highway 99

How To Get ToOne Mile Lake

Travel south of Pemberton, BC, Canada on Hwy 99 (Sea to Sky Highway) for approximately 3 Km (2 mi.) to the parking lot.
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