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Arthur Mayse Trail

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Arthur Mayse Trail

The Arthur Mayse Hiking Trail is located  on the banks of the Oyster River in Saratoga Beach, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The loop trail connects to a fish breeding pond and explores along a 575 metre long waterway called the Arthur Mayes Side Channel.  

The dirt hiking trail is well maintained and enjoys small crowds. Ease of access, ease of use and the forest cover (protection from the sun) are a few reasons why the trail is very family friendly. The easy grade trail is great for all fitness levels.

The activities enjoyed include walking, jogging, sightseeing and dog walking. The loop trail extends from east to west. The Oyster River Bridge on the Highway is the west end of the trail. The east end is at the bridge crossing the Oyster River on Regency Road in Saratoga Beach.

The Oyster River region has long been a spawning region for salmon and trout. It is protected by the Oyster River Enhancement Society. The society stepped it up in 1983 in an effort to rescue the river from neglect and returned  the river back into a spawning river. Today it is a successful salmon and trout feeding and breeding recovery program.

Along the Arthur Mayse Side Channel hiking trail are opportunities to visit a fish hatchery, a breeding pond, a dyke, viewing areas and fish ladders. Nearby is the Oyster River Regional Park and more hiking trails.


Arthur Mayse Trail
Saratoga Beach ,


Located in: Saratoga Beach
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