Campbell River

Campbell River

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Campbell River - Heritage River

The major river in Campbell River, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada is named after the community. The river is a designated British Columbia Heritage River and a fishing destination. The river along with the oceans play a big part in why the community is called "The Salmon Capital of the World." The Campbell River is best known as a fishing river. 

Campbell River

History shows that the First Nation people considered the river a valuable source for food in the day. While others, like the famous naturalist Roderick Haig Brown have written articles about the significance of the river.

The River Campbell is one of the deeper Salmon spawning rivers located on Vancouver Island. Every fall the Salmon return to Campbell River from the ocean to complete the Salmon life cycle.

The spawning season attracts visitors to the river every year. It also attracts wildlife like Bald eagles and Black Bears which come to feed off the Salmon. The Quinsam River Hatchery and Haig Brown Kingfisher Creek are two popular locations for viewing the salmon runs and visiting wildlife. Both projects research and conduct Salmon enhancement projects.

Today, the Campbell is best known for the many activities enjoyed on the river like fishing, snorkeling and tubing. In the fishing season it is very common to come across fly fisherman, waist deep in the river, casting lines.


Campbell River
Campbell River

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