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Waterfront Walkway Community Walkway
Robert Ostler Park
Robert Ostler Park
Downtown Park
Oyster Bay Shoreline Park
Oyster Bay Shoreline Park
Waterfront and Birdwatching Waterfront & Birdwatching
Chainsaw Art
Sculpture enjoying the views Sculpture enjoying the ocean views

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River Trail
Hiking and biking

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Elk Falls
Trailhead into park Trailhead leading into park to falls

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Base Camp
Researching on location Base Camp while researching in Campbell River

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Beaver Forest Lands
Hiking & Biking & Horseback Riding Hiking & biking & horseback riding

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Maple Leaves
Forest bed

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Cowboys and Cowgirls
Horseback riding in the country

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Horseback Riding
Adventure in the back country Adventure in the country

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Waterfront Road
Driving in town Downtown drive

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Beautiful beaches and scenery

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Ferry Terminal
Beach walk in community

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Forest lands in community Trees in community

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Oyster River
Fishing river in region

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Oyster River
River in the region River in region

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Checking Out Art
Researching in Campbell River

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