Malakwa Suspension Bridge


Difficulty: Easy - Family
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The Malakwa Suspension Bridge spans over the Eagle River in the community of Malakwa, British Columbia, Canada. The 1915 bridge was originally built by the local farmers to connect to the community and their fields.

The bridge is easily accessed from a short walk down a dirt path from a 2 car parking area at the end of Summerville Husted Rd. From the bridge the views include the calming river, reflective trees bouncing off the river and snow capped mountains in the distance.

On the far side of the bridge is a 4 kilometre loop trail following dirt roads.
Malakwa Suspension Bridge,Malakwa, British Columbia, Canada


Malakwa Suspension Bridge
Summerville Husted Rd

How To Get ToMalakwa Suspension Bridge

17 kilometres east of Sicamous, BC on the Trans Canada Highway take a left on to Malakwa Road. Take a right onto Summerville Husted Rd and cross ove the rialroad tracks and take a quick right to the trailhead.
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