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During the summer seasons the trails are used by naturalists and backpackers primarily and when the winter arrives the trails transform into single track cross country ski and snowshoeing trails.
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Blackwater Creek Trail in Powell River, BC Canada on the Sunshine Coast is a comfortable 4 km hike and mountain bike ride. The trail route is used by both hikers and mountain bikers, so keep your head up.
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The walking and biking trail is enjoyed by all ages and abilities. The park and trail has been designed for easy walking and is fully wheelchair accessible spread out over 2,763 hectares. There are Totem Poles onsite from carvers Jackie Timothy and Terry Chapman.
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Mowat Bay is a perfect beach for families and friends. The area enjoys a sandy beach, cement theatre like benches, boat launch and great scenery. This is said to be one of the best beach destinations in the Powell River area.
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The Willingdon Beach Trail is a 1.2 km trail. The Willingdon Beach Trail has some exposed beach walking opportunities. Willingdon Beach Park has parking, concession stand, museum, waterpark and grassy area.
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Powell Forest Canoe Route in BC, Canada is said to be one of the most best kept secrets by the kayaking and canoeing world. A voyage of sightseeing bliss, both landscape and wildlife that is mostly traveled by canoe, navigating 8 lakes following a 80 km designated route.
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The trail system explores the Lang Creek area with a diverse selection of scenery highlighted by the waterfalls. The trail wonders for 5 km (3 mi). At a comfortable pace, taking some time to observe your surroundings, the trail should take 1-2 hours to complete.
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The hike is a full day adventure taking up to 3-6 hours round trip to complete. While trekking and exploring up the Confederation Lake Trail there are some views of Powell Lake and Inland Lake.
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The region is ideal and appealing to the avid bird watcher, naturalist, hiker and photographer. The lake draws many people to the area with canoes and the gravel roads leading deep into the woods, while they attract the mountain bikers, 4X4 vehicles, ATVs and horseback riders.
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Haywire Bay Park is a hot spot in the remote backcountry for camping, canoeing and hiking.
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