Hixon Falls

Trail Length: 4 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:

Hixon Waterfall and Trail
In Hixon BC Canada you can hike to a 30 foot waterfall 
A canyon waterfall hiking trail located just south of Prince George BC
In the small little community of Hixon, British Columbia, Canada, located just south of Prince George, is a beautiful canyon hiking trail connecting to the Hixon Falls on the Hixon River. 
It is an easy-going short hiking trail (150 metres maybe) through a forest along the banks of the Hixon River which connects to a canyon and Hixon Falls. The canyon is home to chutes, river rapids, protective pools and swimming holes. It all depends on the season too, as river levels will fluctuate with the seasons. 
The Hixon falls are what we call cascading falls. It is a 100 foot (30 metre) waterfall emptying into a pool and then into some chutes and back to the river. For those who dare, there is (or was) a log crossing the chutes. If the rapids are high we do not advise attempting this crossing as the log becomes extremely slippery. 
Hixon Waterfall and Hiking Trail


Hixon Falls
Hixon Creek Road
Hixon BC Canada


Located in: North BC | Prince George

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