Big Cedars Trail (Snootli Creek Regional Park)

Bella Coola

Trail Length: 2 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:

Big Cedars Trail (Snootli Creek Regional Park) in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada is a wilderness park with hiking and mountain biking trails, a beaver pond, big trees, Snootli Creek... and it is a recreation destination with rodeo grounds and a baseball diamond. The trails, pond and Snootli Creek are located east of the community of Bella Coola, BC hidden in a forest of cedar, sitka spruce and cottonwood trees.

At the end of the dirt access road is a loop drive leading to a beaver pond, a pull out and a trailhead to the Big Cedars Trail. The trail is a series of loop trails exploring a forest of old growth cedar trees. The trail is a First Nation sacred site also, as the bark and wood of the trees is used for ceremonial items.

The Big Cedars Trail is approximately 2 kilometres and leads to the rodeo grounds, a gazebo and then loops back to the beaver pond and the pull out parking lot. The trail is often in the shade of the massive trees, and since it is a rainforest, the trail can be muddy and damp. Ideal conditions for mountain biking and mud hiking. Although, the muddy areas do have plank bridges.

Walker Island Park neighbours the Snootli Creek Regional Park and, both parks are home to various species of wildlife. Some of the wildlife to keep an eye out for include beaver, duck, Bald Eagle, bear, fox and deer.

Explore Walker Island Park, Snootli Creek Regional Park and Big Cedars Trail in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada



Big Cedars Trail (Snootli Creek Regional Park)
Walker Park Road
Bella Coola

How To Get ToBig Cedars Trail (Snootli Creek Regional Park)

From Bella Coola travel 11 kilometres east on Highway 20 to Walker Park Road. There is a small park sign on the left hand side of the highway marking the entrance. Continue down the gravel road to the loop drive, the beaver pond and the Big Cedars Trailhead.
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