Shingle Bay, Moresby Island

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Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Shingle Bay, Moresby Island

On the north side of Moresby Island, in-between Onward Point and Sandspit Village is a long stretch of sandy beach to explore. The easy access beach is very visible on the drive in from the Alliford Bay BC Ferry Terminal as it follows the main road into Sandspit Village and the airport.

Shingle Bay - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryThe beach area is made up of mostly fine sand and small pebbles with driftwood logs and shells populating the shoreline. The whole coastline of Shingle Bay is a popular destination in the summer months for the locals and visitors. Many arrive to hang out and kick back, enjoying a day of beachcombing, ocean swimming and relaxing.

Along the shoreline of Shingle Bay is some private picnic tables (belonging to the shoreline residential homes we think), a rope swing, some left behind beach toys, a large wharf and some elevated grassy areas. From the sandy beach one can watch the sea birds play and the marine traffic sail on by.

The beach goes for miles. One can almost walk west to east along Shingle Bay beach on Moresby Island from the small craft marina to the long wooden wharf at the foot of the airport.

Shingle Bay near Sandspit Village on Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada


Shingle Bay, Moresby Island

How To Get ToShingle Bay, Moresby Island

Drive east for about 15 minutes from the Alliford Bay BC Ferry Terminal on Moresby Island, past Onward Point, towards Sandspit Village. Just past the Grassy Island Rest Area the coastline trees disappear and the coastline views open right up starting with the small craft marina. From here the Shingle Bay beach wanders for miles and you can follow it all the way to the wharf. Park anytime and anywhere.
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