Grey Canal Swan Lake East


Trail Length: 8.6 km return

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Pet Friendly

Grey Canal Swan Lake East

Vernon British Columbia Canada

Grey Canal Swan Lake East - Swan Lake East Trail offers either one long trail (8.6km return) or 3 shorter trails depending on how energetic you feel. You can start the trail from either end if doing the whole trail or park at one of the 4 parking lots (parking lots or roadside parking) and pick your trail length.

Swan Lake East Trail - Baker Hogg Rd to Glenhayes Rd

(0.83 km one-way, 1.66 km return)

  • Parking is on the roadside. Look for the metal horse gates with a trail sign.
  • Slight incline until Glenhayes Rd.
  • The path is wide and well used.

BC's Longest Irrigation Channel - Glenhayes Rd to McLennan

(2.2 km one-way, 4.4 km return)

  • Go left once you emerge from the trail and walk a short section on the road before you see a trail sign.
  • The most scenic part of the trail. Be careful of rocks and uneven surfaces.
  • Contains remnants of BC's longest irrigation channel (Grey Canal-50km) built in the early 1900s.  The canal was used to sustain orchards and agricultural land.
  • Few viewpoints on this section of the Swan Lake East Trail for overlooking the lake.
  • Interpretive signs about the Canal.

Pound The Pavement - McLennan Rd to Rugg Rd

(1.3 km one-way, 2.6 km return)

  • Most of this hike will be walking along a paved road (Grey Canal Rd) before it veers back into the trees for the last little section.

Grey Canal Swan Lake East

Vernon British Columbia Canada


Grey Canal Swan Lake East
7979 Baker Hogg Rd

How To Get ToGrey Canal Swan Lake East

There are 4 parking lots to choose from:

1. Baker Hogg Rd (roadside parking)
2. Glenhayes Rd
3. Mclennan Rd
4. Rugg Rd
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