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East Beach and West Beach are two popular recreation and sightseeing destinations located on the waterfront in the community of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

The White Rock beaches sit side-by-side stretching out along the waterfront for almost 8 kilometres (5 miles). A bump in the middle of the 8 kilometre stretch of beach, which the locals call "The Hump", is the distinguishing factor which separates the beaches from one and other.

The White Rock Promenade is a one-way paved recreation pathway which follows the coastline beaches for about 2.17 kilometres (1.4 miles). The pathway is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

Located along the pathway are sightseeing benches, information signs, washroom, beach access, picnic tables, food vendors, a 1500 foot historic pier, 1900s railway museum and parks like Bayview and Lion's Lookout.

East Beach, West Beach and the promenade are extremely popular destinations in the community of White Rock for many activities. Some of the activities enjoyed on the waterfront include walking, sunbathing, swimming, beachcombing, jogging, picnicking and sightseeing.

Both beaches enjoy low tides. When the tides are out there are vast landscapes of exposed, wet sandy beaches and tidal pools for play. When the tides are out or in, the beaches of White Rock, BC are home to over 280+ bird species making the beaches a popular birdwatching destination for many.

East Beach is the less populated of the two beaches. The historic 1500 foot pier is located on West Beach, as well as, a fisherman's market and a boat launch. Many a kayak launch from West Beach. Many a kids fish from the giant pier. There are no lifeguards at either of these beaches.

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East Beach and West Beach
Victoria Avenue
White Rock

How To Get ToEast Beach and West Beach

The main access road to the waterfront beaches is Victoria Avenue on the waterfront of the community.
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