13 Top Things To Do in Richmond, BC, Canada
in the Vancouver Lower Mainland of British Columbia

The Top 13 Things To Do in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada part of the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley B.C. Region.

garry point parkSightseeing : Take a stroll along dykes, walk a waterfront wooden pier with marine views and historic sites, explore a greenway trail or visit a beach or rocky coastline. Plan a day with a sightseeing tour company or tag along with an interpretive guide.

Trip down History Lane : Walk the 1 kilometre wooden waterfront pier in Steveston and visit with two historic sites - a cannery, stilt houses and shipyard. Well you are there you might as well enjoy the amazing marine views and visit with the parks, patio restaurants and retail gift stores.

Visit an Attraction : Got some time to visit an attraction? There are some adult and children attractions in the region like a museum, a casino, live theatre, historic sites, Asian markets and so much more.

Take a Hike : There are over 80 kilometres of hiking and walking trails exploring the islands of Richmond BC. There are dyke trails, park trails, wilderness trails and a 4 kilometre sandy spit trail. Most are level and suitable for all ages. Many are wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

Try Touring and Guides : There are tour companies and guiding companies in the region of Richmond. Sign up for a cultural tour with an interpretive guide or a sightseeing tour on the ocean or a wildlife tour taking pictures of whales and seals.

Peddle a Bike : Pack your bike or rent a bike and explore the over 80 kilometres of waterfront trails in Richmond. There are greenways, dyke trails, a jetty trail and bike road routes designated in the community for bike riding.

Bird Sightings : There are parks, trails and natural areas ... and there are waterfront dykes, sandy 4 km long spits, boat cruises and ocean islands with opportunities to view marine birds, predator birds, waterfowl and song birds. In total there are over 260+ bird species sighted in Richmond.

Star Gazing : Like staring at the stars and moon. Feeling romantic? Well there is a special place at the end of a long 4 kilometre sandy spit - in the middle of of the ocean - with a viewing shelter and no lights which is ideal for star gazing in the Iona Beach Park.

Shopping Cultures : Richmond is home to cultural shopping experiences. There are Asian Malls, farm markets, gift boutiques, fishing villages, big box stores, specialty shops and East Indian stores.

Treat your Palette to Dinner : The region of Richmond is populated with over 400+ Asian restaurants and fine dining establishments. There are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, East Indian and Vietnamese restaurants to pick from.

Artful Thinking : There are art studios, an art centre and Asian art galleries in the region with paintings, carvings, sculptures and crafts on display and for sale.

Picnic in a Park: Pack a lunch and plan a visit to one of the day use areas in any of the parks in the region. Lots of areas to snack and pack when in Richmond, BC, Canada.

Swing a Club : Pack up the clubs and try your luck at one of the local golf courses in Richmond. 

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