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Nakusp, British Columbia Canada in the Kootenays enjoys 2 hot springs - Nakusp Hot Springs and the Halcyon Hot Springs. 

Nakusp Hot Springs is located nearest the town of Nakusp, BC. It is located in an intimate setting, surrounded by forests, streams and the sights and sounds of nature. The large outdoor pool, shaped in a circle is divided into two sections. 


One end is a deeper warmer section - good for wading while at the other end is a hot, steaming section ideal for relaxing. The mineral waters of the hot springs are heated naturally reaching temperatures up to 41 Celsius (107 F) in the winter.

The Nakusp Hot Springs is a year round attraction, a cottage retreat and a campground. Other services located on the grounds of the hot springs include a small coffee shop/snack shack and a gift store.

Nakusp Hot Springs "Stars of Tourism" article.

Halcyon Hot Springs is located on a mountain ridge high above Upper Arrow Lake. Across from the hot springs are the Monashee Mountains. The attraction includes four mineral pools. There is a hot pool, 2 warm pools and a cold plunging pool. The hot pool is kept at an approximate temperature of 40 Celcius (104 F), the warm pools at 38 (100 F) and 30 (87 F) Celcius and the cool pool at 13 Celcius (55 F).

The Halcyon Hot Springs is a year round attraction with day use access, campground facilities and nearby overnight cottage & chalet accommodations. Onsite there is a childrens spray park, healing spa, gift store, boardroom facilities, recreation rentals, coffee house and restaurant. Nearby on Upper   

The Halcyon Hot Springs is located just south of the Galena Bay - Shelter Bay Ferry which crosses Upper Arrow Lake. From the community of Nakusp travel north 34 kilometres on Highway 23 to the hot spring.


Nakusp BC Hot Springs

How To Get ToNakusp BC Hot Springs

Nakusp Hot Springs is located at 8500 Hot Springs Rd. Halcyon Hot Springs is located off oh hwy 23 north of Nakusp.
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