North Beach, Naikoon Provincial Park
Located in: Haida Gwaii

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North Beach, Naikoon Provincial Park

Wide open sandy, pebbled beaches spilling over with driftwood along the northern coastline of Graham Island. North Beach makes up a big portion of the 100s of kms of beaches available to explore in the Naikoon Provincial Park. It is easy to access by foot or car which is a big reason why this beach attracts people to the area for beach combing, hiking, fishing, clam digging, ATVing and relaxing.

North Beach - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryThe massive sandy beach offers up some of the best spanning ocean views, waterfront experiences and peaceful moments available while visiting on the Haida Gwaii Islands. North Beach, according to Haida culture, is a site of "creation". The sandy beach is said to be where a raven first brought people into the world by motioning them out of a clam shells while living on North Beach.

North Beach is mainly hard packed wet sand, especially, at low tide when the ocean waters retreat exposing miles of beach for all to see and play in. The sandy beach in the off season, becomes a storm watching destination. Nature's power on display with massive crashing waves and howling winds smashing the coastline with driftwood logs.

It is always wise to pack good rain gear on an outdoor storm watching adventure or any adventure for that matter. Layer your clothing, bring a hat and gloves if brave enough to venture outdoors in a west coast storm. Some stay in a vehicle and watch the storms from the car, Agate Beach is good for that. The storm seasons can be wet, wet and very wet... and yet, incredibly beautiful and powerful. A moving experience eh!

Lately, more and more ATVs are showing up on the beach - which is permitted and should not be abused. It is one of the two beaches (North Beach and East Beach) on Haida Gwaii permitting ATV use. Although, it is imperative that riders of ATVs be aware of and pay respect to the sensitive ecological areas found throughout the parks like sand dunes, hiking trails, flora and fauna, bogs and the wetlands.

At the end of Tow Hill Rd is a 10 km long hiking trail following the coastline leading to Rose Spit. The hiking trail is long and scenic and should be properly prepared for on a day hike. Start early!

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North Beach, Naikoon Provincial Park
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Located in: Haida Gwaii
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