Haida Gwaii Parks and Places

sleeping_beauty_trail 008
The Sleeping Beauty Trail is the best known rainforest trail in an area of many trails. The trail is very vertical with plenty of opportunity for stair climbing, rope climbing and depending on the seasons, trekking though mud and navigating around wash-outs.
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tow_hill_views_north_beach 003
The Tow Hill Hiking Trail is a short 15-30 minute trek (approx. 1 km - .6 mi. one way) through coastal forests comprised of ferns, deadfall and salal all the way to the summit of Tow Hill and a lookout deck.
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The St. Mary Spring Trail near Skidegate BC is a short single track climb up the side of a hill to some views of Hecate Strait.The significance of the trail is the drinking fountain, the Madonna wooden carving and the legendary words.
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spirit_lake_trail 002
Spirit Lake Trail should take between 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete. The trail is well maintained and ends with a loop around the lake.
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Misty Meadows in Naikoon Provincial Park is a beach of sand dunes. The great storms blow sand inland forming massive sand dunes.
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A massive 1470 square km wilderness park which includes evidence of a deep spiritual history of the Haida people throughout the park. As, far back as 10,000 years ago, the land of Gwaii Haanas was home to the Haida people.
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jungle_beach 003
Jungle Beach has plenty of parking, a wooden picnic shelter, pit toilets and some personality. The Black Bear marks the pull out area of the park when driving along Hwy 16.
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gray_bay 004
Gray Bay is a recreational campground with a large beach area. The campground onsite enjoys some good size campsites for campers and grassy ones for tenters.
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halibut_bight 006
A secluded waterfront park not far from the Village of Skidegate on Graham Island of the Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada. The Halibut Bight Rest Area offers up ocean views overlooking Hecate Strait.
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onward_point_trail 005
short 15 minute trail located on Moresby Island near Sandspit explores the forests along the coastline of the island navigating around deadfall and through large trees. The wooded route leads to a look-out peering over Skidegate Inlet with rock cliffs and pulsating surge channels below.
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north_beach_naikoon_provincial_park 001
Wide open sandy, pebbled beaches spilling over with driftwood along the northern coastline of Graham Island. North Beach makes up a big portion of the 100s of kms of beaches available to explore in the Naikoon Provincial Park.
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millenium_memorial_park 006
The spirit of the Golden Spruce Tree lives on in the heart of Port Clements Village! a seedling survived from the original magical Golden Spruce Tree that once stood on the Yakoun River. The seedling's new home is Millennium Park in Port Clements
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north_beach_naikoon_provincial_park 006
A Haida Gwaii park includes sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes, forested old growth hiking trails, wetlands, bogs, rock cliffs, marine tidal pools, viewing look-outs, historical shipwrecks, forests populated with wildlife.
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kagan_bay 006
A small recreational site tucked away along some logging roads west of Queen Charlotte City on Graham Island. The park area opens up to a large bay with pebbled, sandy beaches looking out onto the large, Lina and smaller, Meyer Island.
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mayer_lake_provincial_park 002
The Mayer Lake Picnic Grounds is an ideal area for swimming, family picnics, relaxing, fishing and launching a boat or canoe
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