Bill Mee Park
British Columbia, Canada

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Denman Island

Bill Mee Park

Park Amenities:
Boat Launch

Bill Mee Park is located on Denman Island, Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada. The park is a popular launching point for boats and kayaks because of the protected waters and ease of access to the launch.

The trail leading down to the coast is well maintain for kayak launches and the 86 metre cement boat launch is one of the more popular on the island.

The waterfront park enjoys great views and a rocky shoreline. There is a day use area in the park with tables for picnicking. Some possible wildlife sightings may include sea lions, seals and bald eagles. There is also a pit toilet onsite.
Bill Mee Park on Denman Island, Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada

How To Get To: Bill Mee Park

The park is located on East Road located just south of the Gravelly Bay BC Ferry Terminal which transports vehicles and walk on traffic from Denman Island to Hornby Island.


East Road , British Columbia Canada

49.489765743673 -124.70089012939

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