Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park


Park Size: 1,277 hectares
Trail Length: 5 kms

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Marine Park
Wildlife Watching

Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park is located in a protected inlet on Cortes Island of the Discovery Islands on the west coast of British Columbia Canada. The sheltered bay is ideal for moorage of boats however be aware there are reversing tidal rapids, fjords and tidal flats.

The marine wilderness park measures about 1,277 hectares. The highlights of the park are the untouched scenery including the Hathayim old growth forests, lakes, estuaries and a salt water lagoon. The forest is a mixed breed of fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, lodgepole pine,maple and Sitka spruce trees.

Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park is best for those who enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, ocean kayaking, mountain biking. and wildlife watching. If you are patient you mat even see a flying squirrel.

There are no real designated hiking trails in the park, however, there is a route measuring about 5 km which connects the park with Squirrel Cove. There are also some walk-in wilderness recreation campsites in the park with no services. Leave no trace behind.
Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park, Cortes Island, Discovery Islands, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada.


Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park

How To Get ToHa'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park

Approach the northern tip of Cortes Island by boat and access the bay and marine park from Sutil Channel.
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