10 Top Things To Do on Cortes Island
Discovery Islands, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

The Top 10 Things To Do on Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Discovery Island, Central Gulf Island B.C. Region.

Hathayim Park Cortes Island

Boating & Sailing. The Cortes Island region which includes the Discovery islands and Desolation Sound marine routes is a very popular boating and sailing destination. The island includes marinas with services and is a major launching point for many exploring Toba Inlet.

Ocean Kayaking. The shoreline of Cortes Island is decorated with many bays and coves to explore on day kayak trips like Squirrel Cove, Gorge Harbour, Cortes Bay and Von Donop Inlet. For overnight long-haul kayaking adventures with wilderness camping the Desolation Sound route is very popular.

Beachcombing. Cortes Island enjoys many beaches. There are pebbled and sandy beaches on the island. One of the more popular and largest sandy beaches on Cortes Island is located in the Smelt Bay Provincial Park.

Art Tours. Cortes Island BC is the home to many artistic people that enjoy the tranquility and creative atmosphere island life provides. There are painters, drum makers, musicians, potters and carvers. Many artists operate art galleries and studios displaying their art.

Swimming. Cortes Island has both ocean and lake swimming areas. Ocean parks like Smelt Bay and Manson's Lagoon have beaches with ocean swimming. Hague Lake is a popular swimming park for fresh water swimming.

Cycling. Cortes Island is a great destination for sightseeing and a day ride. The roads are narrow and sometimes rough. Good news is that there is little vehicle traffic. Many people bike on the island already. Helmets everyone.

Mountain Biking. For the mountain biker there are some roads and trails located on the north end of the island. Some of the mountain biking destinations include the Von Donop and Green Mountain regions.

Scuba Diving. Dive the coastal waters in the coves and bays around Cortes Island. Or set out on a multi-day scuba diving adventure exploring the under water reefs in Desolation Sound.

Hiking. Both long and short walking and hiking trails on Cortes Island. There are hiking trails exploring mountains leading to viewpoints, bluffs and historic artifacts. There are trails exploring old growth forests and sandy beaches.

Wildlife Watching. Wildlife is everywhere. Wildlife watching is enjoyed during most activities including hiking, beachcombing, boating, sailing and kayaking. Wildlife in the region includes Black Bears, Bald Eagles, seals, sea lions and whales

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